Abady State of The Art Formula For Maintenance & Stress

For all adult dogs and puppies that that will weigh less than 60 lb at 1 year of age. This formula delivers the highest levels of conditioning. Species appropriate, the Abady granular formula enables each ingredient to be processed individually , to insure maximum nutritional availability .

Ingredients: Chicken Meal, White Rice, Menhaden Fish Meal (Select Grade), Lard (Source of Omega 6 and Omega 3 Fatty Acids) Beef Meat and Bone Meal, Sunflower Oil (Non-genetically Engineered Variety), Chicken By-Product Meal(Highest Quality), Beef Fat, Undefatted Beef Liver (Human Grade), Whole Dried Eggs (Human Grade), Flaxseed Oil (Organic), Menhaden Fish Fat plus Minerals and Vitamins. 

Protein 34.9%
Fat 28.5%


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