Shipping Abady Granular Diets

Abady Granular diets are a dehydrated food with higher concentrations of fatty acids and naturally occurring fats. Because of this, Abady Granular food is much more sensitive to high temperatures.

For Dog's Sake is located in Chicago and is able to safely ship Abady Granular diets in the summer months if the shipping time is an estimated two days. Shipping to the coasts may result in the food being in hot trucks longer that is advised. Because of this we DO NOT recommend summer orders of Abady Granular when the shipping time is longer than 2 days. Abady kibble is a wonderful alternative for the summer months.

You assume the risk of your Abady Granular order being affected by the higher temperatures. We are not responsible for condition of the Abady Granular after it as arrived and cannot accept returns of Abady Granular that has been shipped in the summer.

We highly recommend choosing UPS to fulfill your Abady Granular orders and to take into consideration the shipping times when you place your order.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.