About Us


Our ability to help customers sift through the mountain of misinformation regarding pet health and nutrition has earned us recognition within our community. We are committed to continue offering thoughtful choices for happier, healthier pets.

We Believe:
- A business is only as good as the ethics of the people running it
- Products need to be healthy and safe for your pets but also the environment and the community in which it is produced
- Products need to be researched and first-hand tested
- Instilling confidence to our customers by providing reliable and responsible options
- There is no substitute for fresh whole food, clean water, exercise, sunshine and fresh air
- Avoiding drugs and chemicals as much as possible

Thank you for all your support over these past 30 years!

Feral Cat Colony Support & Maintenance

We are actively involved in TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) in the community of Humboldt Park Chicago, IL. Since moving to this neighborhood, we have helped spay and neuter dozens of cats. Our goal is to continue to educate our community about the social responsibility to homeless and abandoned animals. 

The For Dog’s Sake Family

MARCIA - When she was 9 years old, she rescued her first dog, influencing a love for animals that stands strong to this day. Marcia ensures you receive a concise shopping experience free of sales pitches and product trends. Her focus is solely on pets, guided by her 30+ year experience. She will direct you tirelessly through her aisles in the name of pet health and safety!

PI PI - Sweet as a button and a lover of customers, Pi Pi is a BIG sleepyhead. Find her on our orange comfy chair near the pet supplements. Chin scratches always adored.

NANI - You will know when Nani is happy by her trademark angelic purr that resembles a “cooing” pigeon. Pet her once, and she will follow you as you shop!

LUIGI - Luigi is small but carries himself 2 to 3 feet higher off the ground purely with personality. Marcia will never say it, but Luigi is the favorite of the bunch.

LUCA - The face and pride of Luca’s Pawtisserie; Luca is energetic, bold, and will always be heard when you walk into For Dog’s Sake.


Kimball Arts Center

We are located in Kimball Arts Center, an industrial facility housing a multitude of small businesses, and you need to enter the parking lot to access the store.