Mount Ara Everyday Wellness Spread

Mount Ara Everyday Wellness Spread


We know you’re guilty of it, we are too… We’re talking about letting your dog finish the peanut butter at the bottom of the jar. I mean, just look how happy he is. But then we read the ingredients: sugar, salt, xylitol…ugh, we can do better. We need a peanut butter for dogs. Something healthy. Something tasty. Something that won’t leave messy goop on our counter when you try to fill up his favorite chew-toy.

Perfect for everyday use as a healthy treat and loaded with ingredients safe for your pup and guaranteed to keep him happy and, most important, healthy.

Available in a 8oz pouch.

Ingredients: Folic Acid, 250mg,Turmeric 250mg, Vitamin B12 mcg,Cinnamon, Coconut Oil, Oat Bran, Oat Flour, Peanut Butter.