Ayush - Pet CoCurcumin Powder with CO-Q10

Ayush - Pet CoCurcumin Powder with CO-Q10


In Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric is a general tonic and blood purifier, as well as supports a healthy inflammatory response. It is used for immune support, as an antioxidant, for muscle and joint support, and healthy aging support.

Pet CoCurcumin Powder with CO-Q10 and Curcumin for musculoskeletal and cellular issues is everything your maturing pet needs to stay young, healthy and vibrant. This amazing CoCurcumin™ powder mix contains Turmeric, Trikatu and CoQ10 in a proprietary formulation that enhances the bioavailability of curcuminoids that support inflammation and metabolic response; healthy skin, hair, and joints; good digestion; strong immune system; liver cleansing and detox, heart and cardiovascular health, & critical neurological function.

Available in 5.2 oz canisters.

Ingredients: Turmeric root extract (95% pure cucuminoids), Coconut Milk Powder, CoEnzyme Q10, Trikate (Long pepper, Black pepper, & Ginger)