Amber Technology Life Cell Support

The unique blend of herbs in Life Cell Support facilitates the detoxification and rejuvenation of critical internal organ systems, helps promote the body’s natural cleansing mechanisms to flush chemicals from the bloodstream, and cleanse the blood, liver, and lymphatic system of toxins. This increases the body’s oxygen carrying capacity and enhances immune function. An enhanced immune system will greatly decrease the risk of a whole range of diseases and bacterial, viral, and parasitic infections in your pet.


Toxins are all around us as an unfortunate by-product of our industrial age. Sources of toxins include industrial pollution, cigarette smoke, as well as contaminants in tap water and processed food. These toxins affect every organ in your pet’s body.   The body of your pet is also continually producing and storing toxins for eventual elimination. The production of these toxins is especially heavy when your pet is suffering from an infection or disease. If not properly eliminated, these toxins prevent healing, suppress immune function, and can cause further disease and illness. Life Cell Support aids in the vital process of detoxification and elimination.


Many incidences of disease and infection in your pet, (and your pet’s immune response to those illnesses) cause cellular damage. Typically, the cellular damage results from intracellular oxidation, and the production of free radicals. Life Cell Support aids in the acceleration of cellular regeneration in your pets body, promoting rapid recovery from illness to normal health. 

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