Abady Vitality A

Abady Vitality A


Is your dog suffering with digestion or malabsorption troubles?

Abady Vitality A is a great way to get your dog back on track. This feeding option contains beef and beef organ meat to provide a full spectrum of necessary amino acids to support your dog's biology. This balanced meal contains fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals backed by advanced nutritional science. Holistic veterinarians recommend using Vitality A to stabilize your dog's gut health, help skin allergies, and begin their healing process. It is also a great option to feed your dog after surgery to provide ample nutrition as their body repairs and recovers.

For all adult dogs over 1 year of age.

Available in 12.6 oz cans, single or case of 12.

Ingredients: Beef (Muscle- Meat), Beef Tripe, White Rice, Beef Heart, Sunflower Oil, Pork Fat, Beef Kidney,Beef Fat, Beef Liver, Bone Flour, Whole Eggs, Flaxseed Oil, Menhaden Fish Oil, Beef Trachea, Beef Cartilage, Dried Pancreas, plus minerals and vitamins.

Guaranteed Analysis: Protein 9%, Fat 8.5%, Fiber 0.05%, Moisture 75%.

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