Abady Vitality A

Recommended by Holistic veterinarians. Manufactured primarily from an assortment of beef and beef internal organs. This protein sources deliver the full complement of amino acids needed for sound health. For all adult dogs and specially beneficial for dogs with health issues such as Gastrointestinal disorders and skin allergies.

Nutritional Information: The ingredients listed below represent the entire contents of the product, excluding vitamins and minerals. For further questions regarding this product please contact us.

Ingredients: Beef (Muscle- Meat), Beef Tripe, White Rice, Beef Heart, Sunflower Oil, Pork Fat, Beef Kidney,Beef Fat, Beef Liver, Bone Flour, Whole Eggs, Flaxseed Oil, Menhaden Fish Oil, Beef Trachea, Beef Cartilage, Dried Pancreas. Protein 9%, Fat 8.5%

Available in 13.2oz cans or 12 cans per case

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