Dear customers,

We are working to ensure that your beloved pets get the needed supplies in a timely matter. We are also offering deliveries and curbside pickup in Chicago. Please call us at 773-278-4355 or email - marcia@fordogake.com.

Stay safe and positive: we will overcome this situation.


For Dog’s Sake has been at the forefront of animal nutrition since 1991. Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that nature is the only perfect system and that there is no substitute for fresh, wholesome food, clean water, exercise, fresh air and avoidance of chemicals and drugs to the greatest extent possible. The dog and cat foods we offer use only the highest quality, all natural ingredients and whenever possible, are predominantly human-grade and organically produced.

For Dog’s Sake is recognized by veterinarians and trainers throughout Chicagoland and praised for our ability to help customers sift through the ocean of confusion and misinformation relevant to canine and feline health. As a direct result of sound nutritional recommendations, For Dog’s Sake has developed a very loyal and committed clientele.

We offer delivery 

We are pleased to  offer delivery Mondays-Fridays. There is a $10 delivery fee. Deliveries will take place within 1 business day.

Orders containing raw diets can not be left without someone present to receive it.

For further details and information please contact us at 773-278-4355 along with any questions you may have. We look forward to servicing your needs.


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