Carna4 Chicken Handcrafted Dog Food

Carna4 is the synthetic-free “true food” that provides a ready-to-serve alternative or addition to home cooked or raw food diets. With only natural food ingredients, homegrown in Canada and U.S.A., Carna4 provides the essential nutrients dogs need, without adding meat meal, powdered vegetables, protein concentrates, vitamin & mineral pre-mixes or any other synthetic supplements. Thanks to the amazing power of sprouted seeds, you can now offer your dog clean food with high nutrient, probiotic, enzyme and Omega-3 levels, previously found only in raw diets – without the risk of salmonella, E. coli or other pathogens. A short-cycle, gentle method of cooking and drying destroys pathogens while preserving extremely high levels of live nutrients.

New Carna4 Grain-free  Dog Food is made from human-grade whole meats, certified organic sprouted seeds, vegetables and herbs, blended and gently baked into yummy nuggets. It is an all life stages diet, suitable for dogs with food sensitivities, skin conditions, digestion problems or when the you are simply looking for a nutritious food to keep your dog in optimum health. Carna4 can be fed at every meal, or used in a rotational feeding plan. 

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