Abady Basic Large Breed Puppy Formula

For growing puppies that will weigh between 60 and 125 lb at a year of age. A quality, yet economical growth formula for puppies of the larger breeds. Species appropriate, the Abady granular formula enables each ingredient to be processed individually, to insure maximum nutritional availability. 

Nutritional info: Abady Basic Large Breed Puppy Growth Formula

The ingredients listed bellow represent the entire contents of the product, excluding vitamins and minerals. For further questions regarding this product please contact us.

Ingredients: Chicken Meal, White Rice,* Menhaden Fish Meal (Select Grade), Lard, Sunflower Oil (Non-Genetically Engineered Variety), Beef Meat and bone Meal, Undefatted Beef Liver (Human Grade), Flaxseed oil (Organic). 

White rice is superior to brown rice for dogs. Brown rice contains gluten which can permanently damage the dog’s ability to absorb nutrients. 

Protein 34% Fat 21% 

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