Abady Apex 1

Species - appropriate alternative to conventional grain and fiber-based canine rations. Excellent for dogs with gastro-intestinal disorders, allergies, kidney problems , etc. There is no product in the market comparable to Apex 1. Manufactured from non-3D & non 4D cattle.

Nutritional Information: The ingredients listed below represent the entire contents of the product, excluding vitamins and minerals. For further questions regarding this product please contact us.

Ingredients: Beef (Muscle-Meat), Beef Tripe, White Rice , Beef Heart, Sunflower Oil, Pork Fat, Beef Kidney, Beef Fat, Beef Liver, Bone Flour, Whole Eggs, Flaxseed Oil, Beef Trachea, Shark Cartilage, Dried Pancreas. Protein 9%, Fat 8.5%.

Available in 13.2oz cans

12 cans = 1 case

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