Super Snouts - Super Shrooms Immunity Supplement

Super Snouts - Super Shrooms Immunity Supplement


Super Snouts Super Shrooms is a blend of 7 medicinal mushrooms that supports immune and cell function, inflammatory response and detoxification, and improving baseline immunity for fighting infection. Some of the many known benefits can help reduce: inflammation, fatigue, food allergies, frequent infections, digestive problems, tumor growth and cancers, auto-immune disorders, sleep disorders, and many more.

Available in: 2.64 oz (75g) or 5.29 oz (150g)

Serving size: 1 scoop (1 gram) per 25 lbs

Active Ingredients: Organic Chaga, Organic Cordeceps Sinensis, Organic Lion’s Mane, Organic Maitake, Organic Reishi, Organic Shiitake, Organic Turkey Tail.

Inactve Ingredients: Myceliated Brown Rice