Catnip Tongue

What, Cat Got Ya Tongue? 
This LOL cat toy will keep you in stitches and will keep your kitty busy!
Each fleece tongue is filled with super potent compressed catnip pellets making like a small bean bag. The compressed catnip pellets are a product of Canada where high quality catnip is compressed to make super clean pellets. Because the catnip is pelletized, it will last much longer than traditional leaf catnip and it is more potent than the leaf variety! The pellets also add a nice heft to each toy.

Every tongue is about 4 3/4" long and about 1 1/2 inches wide. Each is about an inch thick and comes packaged in an Earth First EcoBag a compostable plant fiber cellophane sleeve so that the catnip will stay super fresh.

Like real tongues, each cat toy tongue is different. Yours may be red or a variation of pink, from pale to bright but each one is a cute/ gross / conversation starting toy!

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