Organic Catnip Toy Marijuana Leaf and Joint

 Our Meowy Wowyy is perfect for the cat who likes to indulge in a bit of herb to relax after a hard day's work.

This is a set of 2 catnip filled Marijuana Leaf and Fatty Joint cat toys. 
Both are stuffed with Certified Organic Catnip and they will amuse you and kitty for hours!

This set includes 1 hand embroidered felt leaf toy and 1 hand embroidered fleece and felt joint toy.

The felt Marijuana Leaf is about 4.75" square and has embroidery detailing on the front.
The fleece and felt Fatty Joint is 4.5" long and 3/4" thick and has embroidered detailing on the "lit" end as well as stray leafy bits on the other end.

Since these are handmade, the detailing on the set you receive may be slightly different than
the photo but rest assured your Leaf & Fatty will be just as cute!

Comes packaged in an Earth First EcoBag a compostable plant fiber cellophane sleeve.

These are toys for cats and contain Organic Catnip. They do not contain any actual marijuana.

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