Earth Rated Green Dispenser With 15 Poop Bags

The Earth Rated Green Dispenser with 15 Poop Bags will accommodate most rolls of bags. It is one of the most affordable, first-quality dispensers on the market. The unique hook on the back of the dispenser allows you to attach your bag of poop until you get home, and this means you do not have to walk in the neighborhood holding on to a poo bag. Not too many people want to stop and talk when they see what you are holding in your hand.

There is a metal clasp on top so you can attach the dispenser to your leash so you never forget to bring your bags with you. Refills are easy to insert and single bags are easy to pull out. Customers all say this is very user-friendly. There are no glitches in the bag hook or the top clasp. It is suggested that if you have a retractable leash, you may want to get a larger clasp to marry the two together. 

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