Biovet Dismutase Antioxidant Enzyme Granular


In the late 1930's Dr. Francis M. Pottenger, Jr., demonstrated the dramatic benefits of uncooked, unprocessed foods in the diets of animals. Greatly improved health, vitality and recuperative ability were among his observations. Why? Because uncooked and unrefined foods are 'alive' with enzymes and vitamins in a form which is basic to an animal's requirements. Heating and refining destroy or eliminate many of the vital properties needed in food. 

Dismutase Granules™ provides a dynamic source of nutritional support for all types of animals. Often used where muscle and skeletal inflammation, injury, sickness or environmental toxins are an indication of reduced antioxidant enzyme levels. Working in concert, the antioxidant enzymes and co-nutrient polypeptides in BioVet's Dismutase Granules™ act as bio-catalysts to promote and maintain normal cell functions. Your pet will show the benefits. 

Studies have shown that the key active enzyme ingredient, IsoSproutplex™ can reduce inflammation caused by canine hip dysplasia and its associated canine arthritis. In addition, IsoSproutplex™, was originally developed to combat the devastating effects of feline leukemia. 

Available in 240g and 576g sizes

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