AgriGenic Cell Guard/Superoxide Dismutase

Cell Guard for Pets- Superoxidedismutase

BioVet International Pet Antioxidant Supplements with Isosproutplex are the perfect natural food supplements for all pets.

While levels of antioxidant enzymes, like SOD, normally remain constant through out a pet’s life, as cells age, an abundance of free radicals cause oxidative damage.  Of particular concern are increases in superoxide radicals that, if left unchecked, morphs into dangerous hydroxyl radicals, which are linked with increased incidences of degenerative and inflammatory diseases.

Our proprietary Isosproutplex blend of soy and wheat grass sprouts offers the complete nutrition that provides all of the necessary factors required by an animal to produce SOD and Catalase in the optimal amounts.  BioVet International’s Cell Guard for Pets has the proven ability to consistently raise and sustain favorable antioxidant enzyme levels.

These enzymes are needed where muscle and skeletal inflammation, injury, sickness or environmental toxins are an indication of reduced antioxidant enzyme levels.

We have seen amazing results with pets living longer and healthier lives.  We recommend feeding these supplements for every pet over the age of 2 years. 

200 tablets bottle

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