Abady New Frontier Cat Food

Cat food the way Nature intended.

A natural animal protein based kibbled cat food made from only the best ingredients. These include real chicken meal, whole dried eggs, rice and pearled barley plus Golden rich sunflower. Animal feeding tests using the AAFCO proceedures substantiate that the Abady New Frontier Maintenance & stress Formula for Cats provides complete and balanced nutrition for growth and maintenance.

Nutritional Information: The ingredients listed bellow represent the entire contents of the product, excluding vitamins and minerals. For further questions regarding this product please contact us.

Ingredients: Chicken Meal, Low Ash Poultry-By-Products Meal, Rice, Pearled Barley, Sunflower Oil, Torula Yeast, Lard(Source of Omega6 and Omega3 Fatty Acids),Flaxseed Oil, Whole Dried Egg, Menhaden Oil.

Crude Protein: 35 %
Crude Fat: 16.5 %

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