Raw Diets for Dogs

    • Cooking and high pressure processing destroys most of the vital enzymes and vitamins in the ingredients.
    • Only a small percentage of the lost nutrients are replaced by synthetic additives but even these are not easily absorbed by your pet.
    • Cheap ingredients including grains and fillers add calories but are actually difficult for pets to digest.
    • Protein levels can look good on the label but can also come from difficult to digest sources.
    • Heavily-processed pet foods contain preservatives for long-term storage in warehouses and retail stores. Preservatives not only depletes micronutrients but have been connected with many common allergies – such as yeast on the skin, paws and in the ears.
    • Raw is the most natural form of pet nutrition
    • Raw mirrors what pets would eat in nature; it is biologically appropriate
    • Quite simply, dogs and cats love eating raw

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