Homemade Bon Bon Cake

Let them eat cake! Celebrate your best friend's birthday with one of our delicious homemade cakes.

Bon- Bon cakes, which are a clump of unsalted  peanut butter, gluten- free rice puffs , honey, Vanilla. This cakes are very dense so  a small slice is all they need.

it comes in 2''- serves up to 4 tiny dogs, 4''- up to 6 medium dogs and 6''- up to 12- medium dogs.




Orders need to be placed via Email, marcia@fordogsake.com and picked up at the store. Please specify size and color of writing for message and dog's name. 4'' cakes only allow room for happy birthday and a name.Cakes from 6''-10'' are frosted with peanut butter only but have room for extra writing such as happy graduation or gotcha day. We do not customize or make themed cakes beyond that and require 4 days notice.

If you are in need of a cake promptly, we have several different cakes at the store on a regular basis . For store  pick Up only.

We are accepting orders until May 5th. Please call the store to see what is available until then.






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