5" Tremenda Twists 6 oz bag

Sourced: from South American free-ranging cattle.

Ingredients: Tremenda twists are made of dehydrated beef tripe.  Tripe is known to be a very nutritious organ meat in the raw-feeding community - it is rich in essential fatty acids (good for skin and coat health!) and digestive enzymes (good for dogs with sensitive stomachs!)

Health benefits: Tripe is low-fat and low-calorie, and packed with nutrients like B vitamins, essential fatty acids, and minerals such as selenium and zinc (good for maintaining a healthy coat and skin!)

Good for...: These chews have a very palatable flavor that dogs go crazy for!  They are a softer odorless treat, it is not meant to be long-lasting.   Due to its texture and nutritional value, it's an excellent treat to recommend to customers with puppies, picky dogs, dogs with dental problems who can't eat bully sticks, and dogs in need of a low-calorie treat option.

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