Amber Naturalz Kidney Rejuvenator (Kidney Health)

Kidney Rejuvenator is a safe and reliable kidney supplement for both dogs and cats. It supports normal functions and health of the kidneys by cleansing unwanted chemicals, toxins and heavy metals. It promotes normal urine PH and assists in drawing excess water from the body. This product can be given daily or just when extra help is needed. For additional kidney support we recommend using Life Cell Support and UTR.

Available in 1 oz and 4 oz.

Ingredients: Proprietary blend of Lemon, Pine Needles, Uva Ursi Leaf, Yarrow, White Willow Bark, Goldenseal Root, Mullein Leaf, Blessed Thistle, Parsley Leaf, Cloves, Hyssop, Rosemary Leaf.

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