Amber Technology Otalgia Drops

OTALGIA DROPS ™ is formulated with a powerful combination of herbs designed to help relieve the pain & pressure in the ear caused by infection (Otitis).

Acute otitis media is the common name for an infection of the middle ear, which is characterized by the presence of bacteria & accompanied by edema, mucous, & perhaps blood, and is associated with pain & other constitutional symptoms such as fever.


The middle ear contains the boney ossicles critical to the sense of hearing. Uncleared (trapped) mucous can have serious consequences, such as superinfection & chronic otitis media. In turn, grave consequences such as sinus infection, meningitis, & meningo-encephalitis may occur, the later having a high mortality rate.


More commonly, chronic otitis is associated with recurrent infections commonly associated with hearing loss & language dysfunction.  Otitis media is commonly caused by rhinovirus (head cold) or by another virus that is one of a variety of ubiquitously-occurring airborne viruses. Otitis may also be primarily caused by bacteria. Bacterial infections may also be characterized by secondary super-infection of a primary viral ear infection that is untreated or partially treated.

Swollen & inflamed Eustachian tubes become clogged with fluid & mucus in the presence of a viral head cold. Trapped air & fluid may become infected, leading to Otitis. Affected adenoids, located in the throat, may spread infection to the ear via contact with
contiguous Eustachian tubes as well as act to affect blockage of normal Eustachian tube drainage.


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