Amber Technology Kidney Rejuvenator 1oz

An all-natural dietary supplement. Kidney Rejuvenator can help rid toxins from the blood, clean the urinary tract system, promote proper kidney function and help reduce inflammation.
Kidneys are amazing organs. They filter out waste in the blood and send it into the urinary tract system in a way our body can tolerate, keeping the system from becoming toxic. When the kidneys do not function as they should (or a large amount of toxins are introduced into the system), the body may not release the toxins and can build up a deadly amount of body waste, which (in the long run) can be extremely detrimental. 
Kidney Rejuvenator is designed to help your pet’s overall urinary tract system function better allowing the kidneys to filter out the harmful toxins that may be causing your pet to develop diseases or show signs of age at early onset. Kidney Rejuvenator may help your pet feel better and look healthy.
Kidneys can get overloaded with “Kidney Stones”, which are very painful. Kidney Rejuvenator can help dissolve those painful stones. And if used as maintenance, may keep them from coming back. 
Bacteria can also be a cause of kidney malfunction.  Amber Technology has put a natural antibiotic into the Kidney Rejuvenator to give your pet the ultimate kidney support. If the bacteria in the kidneys are acute you can use Amber Technology’s Urinary Tract RELIEF in addition to the Kidney Rejuvenator to help rid the body of the infection. Give the Kidney Rejuvenator in the morning and Urinary Tract RELIEF in the evening.
Your pet’s body knows how to heal. It just needs the ingredients to do so.
The Kidney Rejuvenator can be used during and after using Amber Technology’s HWF (formerly HeartWorm Free) to clean the dead heartworms out of the bloodstream (10 days on and 10 days off).
Kidney Failure & Kidney Disease
  – Using the Kidney Rejuvenator along with Amber Technology’s Life Cell Support may help your pet if experiencing renal failure (with all the successes Amber Technology cannot put a guarantee on such a condition). Due to the failing kidneys the Life Cell Support will stimulate the liver in order for the correct toxins to exit the body. The Kidney Rejuvenator (purchased separately) will bathe and cleanse the kidneys breaking up stones or crystals and fighting off infection. So ridding the body of toxins by stimulating the liver, bathing and stimulating the kidneys, keeping the heart strong and healthy may help your pet (or, if anything, can help your pet feel more comfortable. Therefore the degree of suffering is reduced ).

If there is puss in the urine, and/or kidney infection in the kidney's or bladder, then use Amber Technology's Urinary Tract Relief.   Be sure your pet has plenty of distilled water to drink.


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