Sleepypod Carrier

The award winning Sleepypod is more than a bed, it's a lyfestyle. It's your pet's personal space, designed to fit his or her individual needs. The beauty of the Sleepypod luxury pet carrier is it's versatility. A dog that needs to be aware of his surroundings at all times can be just as easily accommodated as the cat who liked her privacy. Most cat and many dogs associate travel with negative experieces such as a trip to the vet or the kennel. Sleepypod allows pets to travel safely in the pampered comfort of their own bed made of luxurious ultra-plush and foam alleviating the stress associated with travel and confinement in hard, plastic boxes with limited visibility. 

Sleepypod accommodates cats up to 15 lb and dogs up to 12.5 lb's. It outer diameter is 17" and it's height is 13.5" with a weight of 4.5 lb on it's own.  

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