Bowser's Ringo Bed

We have rounded up our design team to create our latest unique bolster design! The Ringo combines a soft, overstuffed bolster with the support of a fibre topped foam bottom insert. Plush, dream fur inside, with our luxurious microvelvet outside. Fun, yet sophisticated, extra wide decorative cording. Generous sizing for expanded sleeping area. Refined, space saving footprint compared to other floppy, unstructured competitor beds. Zippered covers allow quick machine wash and dry.

Outer Dimensions:
MED: 28” x 28” x 9” 
LRG: 34”x 34” x 10”

XL: 40” x 40” x 11”

Recommended Weight: 
MED: Up to 40 lbs 
LRG: Up to 80 lbs 
XL: Up to 120 lbs

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