Amber Technology Vaccination & wormer Detox (Life Cell Support)

A dietary supplement which may help facilitate the detoxification & rejuvenation of critical internal organ systems, Helps promote the body’s natural cleansing mechanisms to flush chemicals from the blood stream and help clear post-vaccination & Wormer responses.
Reactions to vaccinations (and or wormers) are a problem from which our pets suffer when they are infected with an illness. Amber Technology’s VACCINATION & WORMER DETOX is designed to support the body’s ability to cleanse, eliminate toxins and to regenerate damaged cells, ultimately to optimize organ function (including the liver & the thyroid gland). Detoxification & elimination processes enhance the body’s oxygen carrying capacity, circulation, & immune function. By enhancing the immune function this will decrease the risk of other diseases in puppies. 
Toxins are ubiquitous. They are found in our air (industrial pollution, cigarette smoke), tap water & processed food. There is no organ in the body that toxins do not adversely affect. Toxins are responsible for well-defined organic disease (liver, thyroid, brain, etc…) & may explain a variety of unexplained problems from which our pets suffer.
The benefits of ridding toxins from the body are well known. In the normal course of life, the body produces & stores toxins, especially while in states of infection & in other disease states. If not eliminated, lingering toxins can cause further disease & weaken the immune system. VACCINATION & WORMER DETOX aids in the vital detoxification & elimination process.
Keeping the body clean & in balance is supportive to a healthy life style. Using Vaccination & Wormer Detox after every vaccination & worming can be beneficial in long-term effects.


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